the who?

Happy Seed is a budding resource for today's growing generation of plant-based living.


We're among those who look to the future and envision a world in which foodborne illnesses and environmental destruction are drastically eliminated by the power of mindful eating. 

As a small, passionate team dedicated to spreading this mission, Happy Seed strives to help individuals understand why healthy people and a healthy planet starts and ends with what we eat.

Local to Atlanta, Georgia?

We're bringing our plant-based recipes to you.

the why?

I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.

             Genesis 1:29

We believe big impacts begin with even the smallest changes in routine.


All it takes is planting a few seeds of knowledge here and there, which can grow into consistent ways of living. 

For years, studies has ​shown that eating a plant-based diet free from animal products is the only diet proven to prevent, treat and even reverse chronic illnesses. But thanks to big money and effective lobbying, consumers are often detached from such evidence---creating a gap in awareness.

We're left confused by an info overload of conflicting health studies, food group pyramids, and advertisements that contradict the truth and promote unethical, unhealthy, and unconscious consumerism. 

Happy Seed wants to help bridge the gap in awareness.

Our goal is to help build an empowered, food-conscious community that understands the present and future benefits of eating healthy, plant-based foods. And we strive to inform and inspire in a way that's easy to follow and share with others.

the what?

Plant-based recipes, kitchen hacks, ethical product reviews, videos, nutrition facts.

We're here to break it down simply and enjoyably so that individuals are inspired to live healthier, happier, more sustainable lives by eating consciously and compassionately. 

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approximately 133 gallons of water are saved with every meatless meal.*

by the year 2050, 8.1 million lives could be saved per year if everyone switched to a plant-based diet.*

1-2 acres of rainforest are cleared every second of the day for grazing livestock or growing animal feed.*

together we plant the seed of conscious eating

meet the squad!

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