Grown from Atlanta, Georgia, Happy Seed began as a catering company in 2018 and later evolved into a pop-up restaurant hosted by local venues around the city. Thanks to our loyal community, Happy Seed continues to grow toward our goal of healthier and more sustainable food systems with chef-driven, plant-based dining.


We are a passion-fueled team striving to redefine the way people think about food, and believe in a future in which individuals thrive and contribute back to the planet through conscious eating. We specialize in traditional dishes made with plants only.


In Spring 2022, we're planting a seed in Atlanta’s restaurant scene at last, with the opening of our first brick and mortar concept La Semilla. Serving modern Latin cuisine, La Semilla carries Happy Seed’s intention of celebrating local, organic ingredients and forward-thinking fare with deeply rooted dishes made plant-based, all from scratch.


Check back for updates on La Semilla!

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Sophia Marchese + Reid Trapani, Happy Seed FOUNDERS

approximately 133 gallons of water are saved with every meatless meal.*

by the year 2050, 8.1 million lives could be saved per year if everyone switched to a plant-based diet.*

1-2 acres of rainforest are cleared every second of the day for grazing livestock or growing animal feed.*

If the world switched to a plant-based diet, it could save 8 million human lives by 2050, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by two thirds and lead to healthcare-related savings and avoided climate damages of $1.5 trillion. 


-Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA 

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